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Following up on "Predictions for Software in 2021"

Well I was sure wrong!

1. Beginning of the end for microservices

There were articles here and there criticising microservices, but the prevalence of microservices has likely stayed the same. I still do think it's a suitable idea in some technical situations but a dangerous idea for workplace culture. However anyone who's invested strongly in them will have to experience more pain points prior to migration back to a well-deisgned monolith.

2. Some form of disruption in VCS

Wrong here too, Git is still on top. I read many posts this year explaining some finer details about Git, and I got to use the nifty new commands for switching branches and reverting files. It looks like Git will not be unseated but will improve its CLI to the benefit of all users.

3.Discord will release a business chat platform

They did not! But I heard of more businesses using it as their chat platform.

4. Developer autonomy will be reigned in

This one is difficult to measure, but I think enough businesses experienced negative effects of remote work that they're encouraging their devs to come back to the office.

In summary

I was 0 for 4, in a few days I'll write up some predictions for this year and we'll see if any of those turn out to be true!