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A thought about hierarchies

I don't think hierarchies are inherently a bad thing. In a well-structured team and well-functioning company, the purpose of the hierarchy is to establish who has to make decisions when there is an impasse. This is not so much a position of power than it is a burden. By being the decision maker, one guides the course of the team and is responsible for the effects of the decision.

I think it's the action of making a decision that differentiates individuals at a position in a hierarchy. By its nature, a decision will have at least two parties involved advocating for a particular course of action. It's the responsibility, and burden, of the leader to make these individuals feel heard, consulted, and valued. There should be no negative sentiment in the team about a decision that was made — ideally, the team would understand the accountability the leader has taken upon themselves.

I'm trying quite hard to make it clear that the leader is not in a dictatorial position. The image to imagine is a team that has debated among themselves for quite some time, and need someone to break the tie so the team can re-align and move towards their goal.